Project Highlights

Air Permit Modifications and Compliance Support Hawthorne Army Depot, Nevada

Hawthorne Army Depot stores reserve ammunition to resupply forces engaged in a major conflict. Because its stores will not be needed until a substantial amount of ammunition has been expended, Hawthorne runs on a skeleton staff during peacetime but can rapidly expand staffing if needed. So, Hawthorne runs on minimal staffing, but must comply with strict regulations relating to storage and maintenance of massive amounts of hazardous materials.

To assist Hawthorne with operations, Redhorse Corporation has provided multiple services included permitting, permitting modifications, environmental compliance, and environmental monitoring services. To complete all the needed tasks, Redhorse used its knowledge of state and federal regulations and policies for sources subject to Title V and New Source Review provisions of the Clean Air Act.

To complete the Title V permit renewal, Redhorse Corporation compiled detailed emission inventory that contains over 700 emission sources which are a combination of combustion, industrial, open burning, and munition related sources. This inventory also includes numerous complex closed loop demilitarization systems for the removal of obsolete ordinance. By creating this large inventory, it provided an avenue to better track and understand the emissions from each individual source.

With the inventory completed, Redhorse Corporation also completed the complex air quality modeling required for the Title V permitting using the EPA-approved atmospheric dispersion model AERMOD. AERMOD was applied to consider all of the individual sources. Once the modeling was complete, graphic illustrations were prepared using Golden Software’s Surfer to help the client understand potential areas of concern with respect to ambient air quality standards.

After completing the modeling, Redhorse Corporation successfully applied for a Title V permit on the behalf of Hawthorne Army Depot. Once the permit was granted, Redhorse also created an environmental monitoring and management system that allowed Hawthorne personal to better manage the requirements laid forth in their Clean Air Act related permits.