Project Highlights

Combatting Southern California Wildfires through an Innovative Detection System

Deadly wildfires can ignite and spread quickly, particularly in areas of the country that receive little rainfall, like southern California. Responding to a fire in its initial stages can mean being able to control and contain it before it overwhelms fire-fighting resources. This is of particular interest to public utility companies, who are responsible for continuing to provide service or for quickly reestablishing service during emergencies. For them, contributing to containing fires early makes sense for their business, as well as their place in the community.

Responding to an urgent need, Redhorse completed the custom design and field implementation of an innovative wildfire detection system for a major public utility in Southern California. The state-of-the-art system combines wired and wireless networking, solar-powered remote pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video cameras mounted on select high-voltage transmission towers, and a central software algorithm that receives and analyzes real-time video streams from 24 cameras simultaneously around the clock.

This fully automated system was designed to cover fire-prone areas across a 120-mile distance and generate automated alerts – a vital resource for the public utility, as well as firefighters on the ground.