Project Highlights

Creating Remote Communications Capability for High Voltage Transmission Line Support

Distributing electricity through remote areas of the country presents unique challenges for utility companies. One such challenge is providing communications along the length of high-voltage transmission lines that will still function if the lines are severed. Automated technology exists for detecting anomalies or outages that can send alerts to the utility, but those typically rely on cell networks or telecommunications lines to send messages. If a line is severed in the wilderness, those communications vehicles may not be available. At the same time, it is prohibitively expensive and environmentally destructive to set up long-range radio communications stations all along the path of a transmission line.

Addressing this specific problem, Redhorse provided communication system design, integration, and installation support for a 120-mile high-voltage transmission line project using 900 MHz radio frequency transmissions with radio repeaters on the transmission line path. The Redhorse solution addressed the communication needs, remote access issues, and site environmental sensitivities. The design focused on providing self-contained, renewable powered, communication repeater stations at six mountain top sites. After defining the technical specifications and selecting a design, detailed engineering and construction of the systems was completed. Redhorse helped to secure additional 900 MHz frequencies for the communications network and integration of the repeaters into the communication network.

After the systems were delivered, Redhorse provided project management support to schedule, deliver, and install the repeater stations at the mountain top sites. This included working closely with the radio vendor and helicopter crew to ensure a safe and efficient deployment of each of the site, which was successfully completed without incident.