Project Highlights

Cyber Security, Cloud, and Knowledge Management Services for DoD’s Sensitive Access Programs

Some national security data is so sensitive that a designation of “Top Secret” and “Sensitive Compartmented Information” still doesn’t provide adequate protection. To severely limit access to “Special Access Programs,” the defense department or intelligence community establishes specific, nuanced rules for who can be granted access and how information from these programs can be used. The Special Access Program Control Office (SAPCO) within the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD(I)) is responsible for establishment and application of regulations, oversight, and security policy for Special Access Programs (SAPs).

Redhorse provides information security, knowledge management, and technical support services for SAPCO, supporting its move from legacy systems and platforms to a cloud environment, working to ensure the data, in its various forms, is organized, accessible, and searchable by integrating users and data in a cloud environment, and advising on the most efficient, effective, and secure method of migrating data to the Government’s cloud.

Redhorse’s work ensures not only the protection of Special Access Programs, but also their utility, so that people who need to find and use this particularly sensitive information can do so quickly and efficiently — giving a distinct advantage to deployed Warfighters and senior national-security decision makers up to the Secretary of Defense and the President.