Project Highlights

Preserving mission-critical resources through Navy’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Through its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program, the U.S. Navy has tens of thousands of “smart” meters, each connected to the Internet and each reporting to Navy Facilities Command on consumption of electricity, gas, water, chilled water, and steam in near-real time. This is critical for monitoring and controlling the use of mission-critical resources, identifying anomalies, and ensuring the Navy’s infrastructure keeps up with demand.

Redhorse provided system engineering, system implementation, and test and evaluation services to support nine Navy Region Southwest installations, installing a mesh network to support its smart meters. Redhorse helped plan, design, and implement the advanced communications network to support the installation of the AMI systems and more than 3000 meters and radios at Navy and Marine Corps installations in the southwest U.S.

Redhorse installed a radio frequency (RF) mesh network at each installation to enable the smart meters to provide usage data in near real time to a centralized control facility. Redhorse installed and tested radios, ensured compliance with Navy IT and communication security requirements, and balanced the mesh network for performance parameters such as throughput, hop count, and interference. Redhorse also optimized the network performance and made network improvements during the installation.

Redhorse engineers were instrumental in identifying a critical flaw in one component of the mesh network. Our engineering and technical team worked closely with the prime contractor engineers to isolate the problem and find a solution, which involved creating a new network architecture. After a pilot test of the new design, Redhorse completed the installation and set-to-work efforts of the network.