Project Highlights

General Services Administration, Region 10, Advanced Metering Integration and Commissioning

The General Services Administration (GSA) supports the basic functioning of the federal government, including managing government-owned and leased facilities. Through its Advanced Metering Integration and Commissioning program, GSA installs and monitors thousands of “smart” meters, each connected to the internet and each reporting on consumption of electricity, gas, water, chilled water, and steam in near-real time, to better monitor and control the use of these consumables, to identify anomalies and places and times of excessive usage, and to ensure the government’s infrastructure keeps up with demand.

Redhorse led the integration and commissioning of advanced meters at GSA buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest to provide a functional, web-based solution for energy monitoring applications for GSA Region 10. Redhorse worked with installation contractors and GSA Facility and IT personnel to ensure successful installation of the system and to troubleshoot operational issues.

Redhorse also developed custom dashboard interface to display meter data to meet GSA specific data reporting needs. Redhorse provided system training to building operations and maintenance personnel on optimizing building energy performance and use of metering data to track performance. Redhorse also reviewed and analyzed advanced metering data to benchmark buildings, assess energy trends and anomalies, evaluated energy usage and savings, and prioritized buildings for further assessment.