Kim Reinke, Lisa Zellers, and Sherry Gernhofer pursue a new course

Redhorse Corporation is announcing the departure of three valued team members today. Read on for remarks from Redhorse CEO David Inmon:

Today, I accepted resignations from Kim Reinke, Sherry Gernhofer, and Lisa Zellers, who are leaving Redhorse to start their own business, Arbor Consulting Group.

Each of these accomplished women has contributed to the growth and success of Redhorse in a material way. They have become trusted friends and respected colleagues whose opinions I greatly value. I am sad to see them leave the Redhorse family, and I know we will all miss them.

However, having charted the entrepreneurial course myself, I can’t help but be excited for them, and I offer my unqualified support and encouragement as they embark on this journey of business ownership. I have no doubt they will be very successful.

Kim Reinke joined Redhorse in 2012, when our office in National Capitol Region was the nearest Silver Diner or Starbucks. Kim expanded our presence in many government agencies and positioned us for the award of our single largest individual contract. Redhorse would not be the company it is today without Kim’s contributions and hard work.

“I’m so honored to have served with so many talented people at Redhorse for the last 10 years. I am very proud of the things we’ve accomplished as a team and appreciative of the support David has given and continues to give me in this new adventure.” – Kim Reinke

Sherry Gernhofer joined Redhorse in 2013, providing both internal support as well as customer-facing program management. Among her many contributions, she was instrumental in expanding the Redhorse Quality Management Program which led to us receiving multiple ISO and CMMI quality certifications.

“Supporting a fast-growing small business can be chaotic, but it is also thrilling and full of possibilities. Redhorse has benefitted from the talents of so many individuals who collectively share the same passion for top-notch customer service and innovation through team collaboration. It is through collaboration on both customer-facing and corporate-sponsored projects that I have had the privilege to work with so many inspiring individuals and groups. It is the people, without a doubt, that I will miss the most and whose lessons I will gratefully take with me on this new chapter of my career.” – Sherry Gernhofer

Lisa Zellers joined Redhorse in 2019 providing solutions architect, business development support, and client delivery services. Lisa’s extensive technical skills have helped us better define our service offerings and has positioned us for success with a new customer.

“I am proud to have been a part of this spectacular team for the last two years. The caliber of Redhorse leaders and team members is unparalleled. I enjoyed collaborating on strategies, proposals, and most importantly, delivering value to our customers. What I have learned here will be foundational as we embark on this new journey.” – Lisa Zellers

Kim, Sherry, and Lisa plan to take some time off before they develop their business plan and launch their new venture. “We are motivated to follow our passion to rethink how organizations create value with a focus on sustainable business transformation for a better future,” Kim says. “It’s a small world and we look forward to working alongside Redhorse in the future.”

Please join me in thanking Kim, Sherry, and Lisa for their tremendous contributions to Redhorse, and in wishing them the very best of luck in this next chapter of their careers.

David Inmon

CEO & Founder