Project Highlights

Managed Radio System Expansion in Remote, Environmentally Sensitive Area

Redhorse provided project management services for a radio system expansion that ultimately supported the construction of a new high voltage transmission line. These six radio sites have unique constraints because of their remote location and environmental sensitivity. No commercial power was available and environmental regulations mandate that only minimal soil disturbances are allowed. The utility company solved this problem by creating a standalone solar/wind/battery-powered radio site that is self-contained in a modified 20’ shipping container. Redhorse worked closely with staff to coordinate all aspects of site preparation and deployment for this unique solution.

Because of the sensitive nature of these sites, they come under increased scrutiny from regulatory and oversight agencies. Careful planning for the deployment and installation of these radio shelters was required. Redhorse developed the site preparation plan to take the sites from initial deployment to their final location once site construction is complete.

Each shelter was airlifted into place as there is no road access. Once on site, the solar and wind power generation systems were deployed, and the radio system became operational. Each step of this process was designed to minimize the environmental impact at the site. The only part of the shelter that touches the earth is the four corner areas of the shipping container/shelter. Once the construction of the transmission line is complete, the radio shelter will be moved to a location at the base of the tower leaving, quite literally, only footprints behind.