Commercial & Utility

Powering transformation in today’s global energy marketplace

Until recently, the utility business could be conducted somewhat independently from the prevailing energy market. We all need the heat, light, water and power that offered utility companies a larger, regional market share with limited competition.

Today, with a more liberal and diverse energy marketplace, traditional utilities face increasing competition to sustain their market share. To grow that share, it is critical to explore innovations in emerging energy markets and enhanced customer service.

At Redhorse we have dedicated ourselves to the scientific understanding and practical application of the global energy marketplace as it applies to U.S. utilities. We understand that getting energy to the consumer is easy. Getting clean power and sustainable energy to the consumer and retaining existing customers is hard.

Redhorse serves both energy providers and consumers with an understanding of and commitment to their challenges, ranging from smart metering to energy buy-back programs to regulatory compliance.

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