Robin Gonzalez

VP of Federal Civilian

Robin Gonzalez joined Redhorse Corporation in 2017 and is proud to part of a high-performing leadership team.

Prior to joining Redhorse, Robin worked in Federal government service for 32 years, beginning with four years at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District in 1984 as a computer support engineer/programmer. From there, he moved to the Environmental Protection Agency, where he spent 28 years supporting a wide range of EPA’s programs, systems and applications.

Robin became a member of EPA’s Senior Executive Service in 2004 and was appointed the agency’s Chief Technology Officer in 2016. Over his career, he directed many IT organizations at EPA, including the National Computer Center, The Office of Information Analysis and Access, and the Office of Digital Services. Some of his IT specialty areas at EPA included: Computer center virtualization; cybersecurity; High Performance Computing; modeling and visualization; enterprise architecture; Enterprise Application Development; Lean; data analytics; user-centered design; Agile Cloud development and app migration; DevOps; and geospatial programs. In addition, he helped establish the strategy, policy and process framework for effectively delivering Cloud-based services across the agency.

Robin led national efforts to support key government initiatives that involve intensive strategy, coordination, planning and project execution to achieve efficiencies through IT automation. He was also involved with international programs in technology transfer and collaborative development efforts with environmental protection partnerships in the EU and Taiwan.