Technical Director presents at Acquisition Excellence 2020 Conference

Technical Director Lisa Zellers participated in a tabletop exercise presentation for the ACT-IAC’s Acquisition Excellence 2020 conference, based on the ACT-IAC Acquisition COI Securing the Supply Chain Project. Lisa Zellers acted alongside representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, Capgemini Government Solutions, and ConningtonSnow, LLC in a scripted National Security Event Simulation.

The tabletop session simulated a “rip and replace” scenario where a specific software was identified as a bad actor and agencies had to plan and execute to remove the product, as mandated by the Federal Acquisition Security Council. Lisa participated by representing the role of a small business, alongside CIO, CPO, Large Business, and Software Vendor roles.

Some of the procurement-related challenges federal agencies face during a rip and replace scenario include effectively communicating within a federal contract’s supply chain, understanding and complying with rapidly changing legislative and regulatory requirements, and quickly assessing, procuring and implementing a replacement product. Audience members had the opportunity to watch and interact with the actors, as well as share real-time responses to a diverse set of questions posed throughout the simulation.