2024 GHG Emissions Annual Report

Redhorse Corporation 2024 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Annual Report

In our second consecutive year of reporting using the Persefoni platform, we disclose our calendar year 2023 Scope 1 and 2 emissions, calculated using the location-based methodology in accordance with the GHG protocol. Redhorse does not have any Scope 1 emissions to report for this evaluation period, thus this report captures exclusively Scope 2 emissions. Redhorse’s annual average emissions for the reporting period is 160.43 tCO2-e, or the equivalent of approximately 35 passenger vehicles.

With the acquisition of Allied Associates International (A2I) in October 2023, we added facilities in London, England and Gainesville, VA to our baseline.  Accordingly, we are updating our baseline year to 2023 as this footprint is a better representation of Redhorse operations in the years ahead.

Redhorse still fully supports our remote workforce culture where possible and, as such, expects our Scope 2 emissions to remain consistent with 2023 levels in the coming years.

In future Annual Reports, Redhorse plans to include Scope 3 emissions, with a primary focus on employee travel and major suppliers/vendors for corporate equipment, apparel, and office supplies. As Redhorse completes the evaluation of all Scopes, the company will begin to develop plans that enable it to further reduce its emissions and identify viable, cost-effective ways to achieve net-zero operations.