Networking Technology & Infrastructure

Leveraging technology advancements to realize measurable performance improvements

Whether brick and mortar or technology, infrastructure has always played a critical role in business. Even so, the last decade has seen an exponential increase in the amount of infrastructure focus needed for a modern business to succeed. The consumerization of IT brings your own device into the workplace, along with all of the applications, interactions and potential security hazards associated with that device.

Software-defined networks have redefined the traditional physical form of the logical infrastructure, moving the rent-or-buy calculus to the cloud. And once in the cloud, the Internet of Things takes what used to be as simple as installing a lock or alarm system on the door or server rack, and instead requires a series of increasingly sophisticated, role-based controls to keep your agency off of the front page of the newspaper.

The experts at Redhorse get it. We are early adopters who have been at it for decades combined with bright developers who just coded a biometrics app in graduate school. We bring you the best the marketplace has to offer because we support their professional development and encourage their curiosity, and they are invested in your mission.

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