Your Health, Your Family, Your Life, Your Benefits

Redhorse recognizes that employees are our most valuable resources regardless of where they work – this is why Redhorse offers a comprehensive array of quality benefits aimed to protect your health, your family and your way of life.


Our medical plans protect both your health and your finances. You can choose between four different UnitedHealthcare plans: Exclusive Provider Organization (similar to a HMO), Open Access Plus (similar to a PPO) and two High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Each plan utilizes an extensive provider network to offer comprehensive medical and prescription coverage throughout the United States. Costs for preventive care such as annual physicals, lab tests and age-appropriate screenings are covered 100% – no deductible or out-of-pocket costs. UnitedHealthcare also offers 24/7 care through telehealth services that let you connect with a board-certified doctor through video chat without leaving your home or office.


You have the option between two dental plans administered by UnitedHealthcare Dental to keep your smile healthy – a Dental PPO High and a Dental PPO Low plan. Both plans:

  • Offer a large, nationwide network of providers that offer discounts for services.
  • Cover diagnostic and preventive care (e.g., cleanings and X-rays) at 100% with no deductible or out-of-pocket cost to you when services are rendered in-network.
  • Provide coverage for basic care like fillings and gum treatment

The UnitedHealthcare Dental PPO High plan also offers major and restorative care, like crowns and dentures, as well as orthodontia for adults and children.


The Redhorse vision plan is available through UnitedHealthcare to bring your world into focus. The plan covers annual exams, lenses or contact lenses and biannual frames. You can  receive discounts on laser vision correction, lens options, and additional pairs of glasses or sunglasses when purchased through participating doctors.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Flexible Spending Accounts give you a tax-advantaged way to pay for the current year’s health care expenses using a debit card. Contributing is easy through payroll deductions, and reimbursements are quick and convenient. You can use the Healthcare FSA to help pay for:

  • Doctor visits and prescriptions
  • Dental care, like fillings and braces
  • Vision care, like glasses and contacts

Even if you are not enrolled in a Redhorse’s medical plan, you are still eligible to participate in the Healthcare FSA.

Dependent Care FSA

The Dependent Care FSA offers you a way to pay for eligible dependent adult and/or childcare expenses using pretax dollars. This means your money goes further while reducing your taxable income. You can use your Dependent Care FSA contributions to help pay for the care of a dependent child under the age of 13 by baby sitters, nursery schools, preschools or after school programs or care of a anyone physically or mentally incapable of self-care who qualifies as your federal tax dependent.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

HSAs, are like personal savings accounts that are tax-free as long as you use the money to pay medical, dental, vision, and prescription expenses. Participation in the HSA does require enrollment in the Redhorse HDHP medical plan. With an HSA you control the money and contributions can be made directly through payroll deductions. A major advantage of an HSA is the triple tax savings as there are no taxes on contributions (federal and most state taxes), your account grows tax free and you never pay taxes on the money you withdraw to pay for qualified healthcare expenses.

Different than the FSA, the money in your HSA is always yours – you take it with you if you leave Redhorse or retire as there is no use-it-or-lose-it rule. Your HSA can help you pay for health care costs in retirement not typically covered by Medicare, such as dental, vision, hearing expenses, and long-term care premiums and services. Setting aside money specifically for future health care expenses means you won’t have to tap into other taxable income (such as your 401(k) Savings Plan balance) to cover them. Also, unlike an FSA, you can start, stop or change your payroll contributions at any time.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Redhorse recognizes the need for balance between work and leisure for personal well-being and to continue to maintain quality performance. To help foster this idea, employees are provided paid time off in the form of vacation time, sick time and holidays along with bereavement and jury duty leave to be used when applicable. Additionally, at the discretion of the employee’s manager, contract terms and guidelines, employees have flexible workday hours.

Life and Disability

Redhorse provides financial protection to you and your dependents in the event of your death or serious injury. You’re automatically enrolled in basic life and basic accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance at no cost to you. Long-Term Disability coverage is also provided to all benefit eligible employees at no cost. Employees have the opportunity to purchase supplemental Life for themselves and dependents as well as Short-Term Disability coverage at affordable group rates.

Voluntary Coverages

Employees can participate in voluntary benefits, including Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity through Unum at affordable group rates. This coverage complements your medical plan by providing cash benefits that can be used to help pay for the out-of-pocket expenses your plan may not cover or you may not have planned for. Each plan offers two levels of coverage and is available for dependents as well. If enrolled in either plan, you are eligible for a Health Screening Wellness Benefit for completing your annual physical.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

When employees and families need helpful guidance, counseling, local resources or reliable professional care, Redhorse offers services through an EAP. The EAP is designed to help bridge life’s transitions offering a variety of services that are completely confidential. This benefit offers resources and counselors to help you identify options and potential solutions for many of life’s challenges, including childcare, senior care, legal issues, and identity theft. All employees and members of your household are automatically enrolled in the EAP and can use the EAP tools and services even if you’re not enrolled in a Redhorse medical plan.

Retirement Plans

A 401(k) plan can be an important part of your future financial security, as it offers you an easy and convenient way to save for retirement. Redhorse offers both a traditional pre-tax 401(k) as well as a Roth retirement plan available to all employees on the first of the month following date of hire. Our plans provide passive and active investment options with a wide selection of funds. A discretionary employer match is available annually with incremental vesting of company contributions over five years of service.

Valuable Extras

Pet Insurance

Protect your cat or dog’s health with flexible plans offered at discounted premiums through Pet’s Best. Policies cover and reimburse a wide range of care from minor ailments to serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease – plan costs vary depending on level of coverage, type of pet and their age. Pet owners are free to visit any veterinarian.

LifeLock Identity Theft

This benefit may save you time and money – and restore your name and credit for you if your identity is stolen. Trained experts provide you with fraud alert notifications, perform proactive database searches, and continuously monitor your credit.


BenefitHUB is an exclusive employee discount program that can help you save big on thousands of items daily such as travel, apparel, tickets, auto, electronics, insurance, education, restaurants and so much more!

Education and Professional Development

Lifelong employee learning is critical to both your personal growth and that of Redhorse as a trusted, innovative, and bold organization. That’s why we offer an education and professional development reimbursement program, so you can pursue advanced education and learning to help further your career.