Critical decision support for mission readiness in a complex threat environment

“Threat Hunters” and “Threat Analysts” are recent terms of art that are generally applied to cyber security, though the role of both in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance is as old as the Ottoman Empire.

Social media, advanced analytics, cognitive computing, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles are just a few of the modern complexities faced by the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC). Layered on top of the historical tension between the various intelligence agencies and global stakeholders, this complexity requires deep understanding of the IC and geopolitical landscape to reduce threat vectors.

Redhorse’s experienced intelligence professionals combine practical expertise, theory, and technology to help solve some of the biggest IC challenges.

Through our support across our IC partners, Redhorse is helping to shape the future of the U.S. Intelligence program – a future that is fully grounded in the storied history and unifying present of the various IC agencies and poised to leverage modern threat-hunting tools to move into the future.

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