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On your side since 2008

We’ve all been on your side of the table at some point in our careers, in uniform or government. That experience helps us understand your challenges in a visceral way.

We combine that with domain expertise, some very sophisticated technical tools, and a passion to solve puzzles to deliver creative solutions to complex problems.

The Origin of Redhorse

Once I decided to start a company, the next question was, “What do we call it?” I had several specific criteria: The name had to be simple – one or two syllables, easy to say and easy to remember, and could not include the words Systems, Solutions, Integrators, or Technology. (No offense to all of our friends who DO include these words in their names.)

While serving in Iraq, I worked with an Air Force engineering unit known as the REDHORSE Squadron, the Air Force version of the Navy Seabees. The men and women of this unit did a remarkable job and were an impressive and dedicated group of professionals. REDHORSE is an acronym for “Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron Engineers.” (The REDHORSE units have a sister organization known as Prime Beef squadrons. For obvious reasons, this name was never much of a contender, although it certainly would have been memorable.)

During our “What do we call it?” discussions, Redhorse kept coming to mind. It met my criteria, and as luck would have it, Mrs. Inmon’s favorite color is red. After carefully weighing all of the factors (over a glass of red wine), the choice was made! Redhorse it is, and the rest, as they say, is history.

David Inmon

Chief Executive Officer, Founder


Our dedicated leaders bring decades of top-tier consulting experience across many Federal Agencies.

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VP of Energy & Environment Services

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VP of Finance and Accounting

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Chief Technology Strategist

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