Annette Requilman participates in HR Leadership Forum

Redhorse’s HR Manager, Annette Requilman, participated in an HR Leadership Forum, hosted by CNBC’s Jane Wells. HR leaders from around the Southern California region, from businesses of varying sizes, gathered to discuss the year’s challenges and triumphs.

From the Covid-19 pandemic to the nation’s political unrest, the year has been tumultuous for individual employees, and that has posed a challenge to those whose job it is to bring those people together. Annette had the chance to share how Redhorse successfully navigated working from home, while listening to see what she could glean from how other companies had worked through this time.

Communication and consistency is key to navigating working from home through the pandemic, and transparency was key to addressing the nation’s political unrest through the election season. Redhorse excelled at both. Annette commented tour IT team was able to successfully transition employees to fully online immediately, and our weekly newsletter was helpful in keeping people connected. Furthermore, increased email communications from David were helpful to keeping a firm stance and encouraging outlook without crossing lines during 2020’s election season.

Compared to larger and older organizations, Redhorse has handled 2020’s shifts exceedingly well, and is diligently working to remain consistent in the coming years. Looking forward, HR teams are focusing on vaccination policies and what reintegration to an office setting will look like. Annette represented Redhorse’s efficiency and tact throughout the past year, and we are proud she had the opportunity to participate!