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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

In A Thousand Brains: A New Theory of Intelligence, Jeff Hawkins wrote that how the human brain works is a mystery, and that “reverse engineering the brain and understanding intelligence is the most important scientific quest humans will ever undertake.” While it’s tempting to think of modern AI as aimed toward this lofty goal, that is not the current focus of artificial intelligence (AI) research, much less the state of play of any current technology. 

The human brain constantly adapts its frame of reference in response to stimuli. Unlike the human brain, today’s AI systems can be very good at only one thing at a time. That one thing might be identifying a particular type of aircraft, or playing a game. The current state of AI technology is not intelligent enough to adapt the way the human brain can. AI today is more akin to Machine Learning (ML). With the proper training, AI/ML has an unparalleled ability to discriminate and identify patterns. Actions based on the output of these models still require humans in the loop, by carefully controlling classification, how data is selected, and how models are built. 

AI/ML saves time and adds precision. According to the Science Daily, the American Heart Association can perform Cardiac MRI scans 186 times faster with the help of artificial intelligence. This speed and effectiveness is critical in increasing the efficiency of government throughout national security, intelligence, and energy domains. AI/ML can also be used to conduct data analysis rapidly – enabling faster decision-making and offering an information advantage. Data analysis turns raw data into clear, meaningful, and actionable insights, that can produce results far beyond the capability of humans. 

The speed, precision, and data analytic capabilities that AI/ML brings to the table could be instrumental in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of government across national security, intelligence, and energy domains – which is where Redhorse comes in. 

In our subsequent posts we will share insights and expertise on the AI/ML and combined data analytics capabilities that Redhorse Corporation offers. 

Redhorse Corporation combines sophisticated data science tools with artificial intelligence and machine learning to find new insights to accelerate the decision-making process across the challenges that government faces. Our team includes 400 plus engineers, data scientists, and subject matter experts that are experienced at developing and tailoring focused solutions and surfacing actionable intelligence and value from data. We partner with best of breed AI/ML product companies to deliver industry-leading capabilities.