Redhorse advances national security and energy solutions business strategy with award of GSA Federal Supply Schedule 84

Redhorse was awarded a full suite of special item numbers for security, facility, and energy services under GSA Schedule 84 – Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, and Rescue. The award is for a base period of 5 years with three 5-year option periods, providing agencies of the Federal government and other eligible users long-term access to Redhorse specialized services. Other eligible users include state and local agencies who can purchase products and services from the schedule under the GSA Cooperative Purchasing Program.
Under this contract Redhorse will expand its current offerings in the areas security, emergency response, facility management, smart buildings, and energy management. This will enable Redhorse to more easily work with existing and new customers in homeland security and intelligence to ensure our law enforcement officers and warfighters have access to the best technology and services needed to accomplish their missions. The integration of physical security, protective measures, technology, and data analytics are just some of the measures Redhorse offers under Schedule 84 that are designed to safeguard personnel, facilities, national borders, and critical infrastructure.
Redhorse also offers facility management and energy management services under Schedule 84 to deliver solutions for mission critical infrastructure and the built environment. We are at the cutting edge of maximizing the performance of existing building portfolios, as well as investments in buildings systems through the development and implementation of organizational analysis, space planning, manpower analysis/workforce planning, smart buildings, and high performing building operations. These services ensure that agencies work smarter and are positioned for a data-centric future that integrates technology and change management practices across programs, processes, policies, and people.