Redhorse Awarded $1.2 Million Contract Option Year Supporting the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

Redhorse was recently awarded a $1.2m contract option year supporting the Naval Information Warfare Center – Pacific (NIWC PAC) sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The Redhorse team continues development of a cognitive collaboration platform that enables DoD researchers, engineers, and portfolio managers to explore and analyze significant amounts of complex technical and scientific data. This data includes open-source and client-produced scientific papers, technical project documentation, and other DoD-authored content.

Redhorse combines global-scale Knowledge Graphs and custom-trained state of the art natural language processing models like BERT to create searchable, computable, and machine-learnable data structures. This enterprise-level ML-powered collaboration environment will enable the DoD Research and Engineering community to make strategically informed acquisition, budget, and development decisions vital to putting the latest technologies and capabilities in the hands of warfighters.