Redhorse Awarded 5-year, $18.5 Million BPA to Provide Administrative Support Services to the SEC

Redhorse was awarded a 5-year, $18.5 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to Provide Administrative Support Services. Redhorse will support the SEC’s overall operational mission at various levels throughout the agency.
The SEC was established by Congress in 1934 to enforce the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The SEC consists of five presidential-appointed Commissioners, five Divisions and 26 Offices. It is headquartered in Washington, DC and currently has 11 regional offices in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Ft. Worth, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Salt Lake.
Under this BPA, Redhorse will support the SEC by preparing, transcribing, transferring, systematizing, and preserving both written and computerized communications and records and in gathering and distributing information. Redhorse also will provide other administrative support and clerical duties, as required.