Redhorse awarded $5M, 5-year contract with Army National Guard to provide GIS Support Services

Redhorse has been awarded a $5M, five-year contract with the Army National Guard (ARNG) to provide nation-wide Geographic Information System (GIS) Support Services. The ARNG is responsible for the development of the Common Installation Picture (CIP), a standard set of GIS layers representing Real Property assets and environmental features, to maintain situational awareness of military installations. This geospatial database is the ARNG “database of record”, containing a national aggregate of CIP layers, which feeds Department of the Army, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and U.S. Department of Homeland Defense information repositories.
Redhorse will support ARNG’s mission by managing the CIP, working with the 54 States and Territories under ARNG jurisdiction to aggregate GIS data, manage the Helpdesk, and develop a suite of user-tools to ensure data quality and enhance production workflows. As the Army rolls out the latest version of the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and the Environment (SDSFIE), Redhorse will migrate all geodatabases to the new model to ensure compliance with the new standards.
Under this contract, Redhorse will also be responsible for conducting geospatial Real Property reconciliations to ground truth the geodatabases. This process will aid installations in accounting for assets and improve the accuracy of estimated facility sustainment costs.