Redhorse Awarded a 28-Month, $4 Million Contract with MCICOM

Redhorse, as subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton, was awarded a 28-month, $4 million contract with the Marine Corps Installation Management Command (MCICOM) to deliver program information management, program analysis, and technical services support to MCICOM’s Energy and Water Management Program. Redhorse support under this program will help the Marine Corps meet Congressional legislation and Presidential directives that mandate increased energy efficiency and renewable generation throughout Department of Defense (DoD) installations in order to diversify supply, enhance resiliency of energy-related infrastructure, and improve mission readiness. To meet these challenges, Redhorse will:

  • Develop strategic plans and requirements supporting the execution of the Marine Corps Enterprise Metering and Marine Corps Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Programs, ensuring accredited systems remain accredited through constant updates and coordination
  • Help the Marine Corps manage its Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) fleet, and evaluate transportation alternatives to improve transportation support, cut costs, and reduce emissions and petroleum consumption to meet legislative mandates and Department of the Navy goals
  • Work with Marine Corps Installation Energy Managers and NTV fleet managers to identify, plan, and implement energy and water conservation strategies and projects at Marine Corps installations across each of its regions and all lines of operation.