Redhorse Awarded Business Operations Support (BOS) GSA Contract

Redhorse was awarded a 3-year, $16.6 million contract to provide Business Operations Support (BOS) to the GSA Integrated Technology Services (ITS), Office of Network Services Programs (NSP) to support its mission to provide telecommunications and infrastructure services to Federal, state and local customers.
Redhorse will support NSP programs including: Networx, which allows Federal agencies to build seamless, secure operating environments through customized telecommunications services; Federal Relay (FedRelay), which provides telecommunications services to Federal agencies and tribal governments to conduct official business with individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities; and Connections II, which offers secure telecommunications equipment, labor, services, and solutions for Federal infrastructure, buildings, or campuses.
Redhorse BOS will assist GSA with developing and operating NSP programs with program management, budget and finance; technical acquisition and solution development; and customer support services. This will also include supporting organizational structures and transition from the current GSA operating environment to that needed to support business operations for NSP as the organization evolves to a consolidated National and Regional environment.