Redhorse Comprehensive Approach to Net-Zero Energy Initiatives

With more than 15 years of experience, Redhorse has been supporting the federal government’s aggressive energy initiatives towards net-zero. We provide boots-on-the-ground assessments in support of project development and operations & maintenance (O&M) optimization to asset-level performance data visualizations and analysis. Combining this expertise with appropriate technology, we have created offerings that better inform stakeholders of the performance of their utility assets and infrastructure, help leaders conduct techno-economic analysis of carbon pollution-free electricity (CFE) generation, and enable better understanding of complex, technical document collections. These capabilities include: 

Enhanced Analysis of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data – we ingest and process AMI data to drive insightful analyses. We create custom visualizations that provide end users with an overview of aggregate asset collection, while providing the ability to filter along multiple attributes for further analysis. This enables organizations to readily identify meters that need repair and/or replacement, leading to overall increases in O&M-related efficiency plus improved meter uptime for better time-series data analysis.

Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity (CFE) Supply Modeling – we combine technical, economic, and real property data, aligned with demand profiles for facilities, installations, and campuses, to identify feasible capacity of CFE generation types on federal land. This enables organizations to prioritize locations for on-site CFE generation and take more in-depth steps for project development. 

Improved Understanding with Generative AI – through our strategic partnership with Yurts, a leader in secure generative AI, Redhorse transforms how organizations interact with document collections, offering an intuitive chat-based interface for immediate information retrieval. This enables users to spend less time looking for information and more time focusing on work that matters.

We’re continuously evolving our capabilities to meet tomorrow’s energy challenges head-on. Discover how Redhorse can empower your energy strategy by completing the form below.