Redhorse Corporation Awarded 5-Year Contract with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

Redhorse was awarded a contract by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) (OUSD(I)) to provide information security, knowledge management, and technical support services. Redhorse will be assisting in the governance and management of information in addition to establishing and enforcing OUSD(I) security policies and procedures to include consultation services, facilitation services, survey services, and related support services. Redhorse will play a critical role in implementing and enhancing policies, practices, and procedures that properly manage the collection, quality, standardization, personalization, security, integration, and aggregation of data. In addition, Redhorse will provide cyber security policy expertise and technical support to OUSD(I) management to facilitate the development, coordination, review, and assessment of a wide array of government and Intelligence Community directives and policies.