Redhorse Awarded GSA Schedule 03FAC to Provide Comprehensive Energy Management Services

Redhorse Corporation was awarded contract GS-21F-0043W under the GSA 03FAC Schedule for Facilities and Maintenance Management services.

The contract was awarded with a base period of 5 years and three 5-year option periods.

The schedule provides Redhorse a long-term contract vehicle to deliver comprehensive energy management, renewable energy, retro-commissioning, installation, and greenhouse gas emissions management services to any agency of the federal government as well as other authorized customers, such as the United Nations, International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), Tribal Nations, and The Presidio Trust.

Awarded special item numbers (SINs) include:

  • SIN 871-202 Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • SIN 871-203 Training on Energy Management
  • SIN 871-204 Metering Services
  • SIN 871-205 Energy Program Support Services
  • SIN 871-206 Building Commissioning Services
  • SIN 871-207 Energy Audit Services
  • SIN 871-208 Resource Efficiency Management (REM)
  • SIN 871-209 Innovation in Energy
  • SIN 871-210 Water Conservation
  • SIN 800-1000 Other Direct Costs including Equipment
  • SIN 003-097 Ancillary Repairs and Alterations