Redhorse enables “Good Government” collaboration and efficiency with GSA and USPS collaboration

Redhorse supports USAccess PIV credentialing services and the U.S. General Services Administration Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) Division/Managed Service Office, and has provided this key support since 2017. During the Covid-19 crisis, Redhorse was called upon to support the ideation and creation of a new way to get federal employees credentialed.

Nearly 500 of the USAccess credentialing sites closed during the pandemic, causing an incredible strain on the sites that remained open. Redhorse employees helped GSA come up with a collaborative solution: hosting credentialing sites inside USPS locations, or the USAccess Point Pilot.

The USAccess Point Pilot program began November 2020 and was inevitably extended to September 30, 2021. USPS and GSA partnered to complete 17,838 (as of 7/28/21) credentialing appointments with a 91% customer satisfaction rate. The program made use of USPS Post Offices to provide PIV credentialing services, creating a convenient, efficient, and safe way for federal employees to obtain credentials during the pandemic.

With such positive feedback, the GSA and USPS are looking ahead. USAccess’ first order of business is to operationalize the Point Pilot credentialing sites, and potentially expand the Credentialing Post Office Sites (CPOSs) across the United States. This is the first step to innovating PIV credentialing entirely, including efforts to transform digital delivery of credentials and lowering the cost to Government by building and expanding shared services.

Redhorse was happy to work alongside GSA and USPS to make this project a success, and to enable agency collaboration, lowering cost to government, and continuing to find innovative ways to enable transformation and building upon good government in the future.