Redhorse Expands Service Offerings under the GSA Federal Supply Schedule

Redhorse was awarded contract GS-003F-0013Y under the GSA Consolidated Schedule. The Consolidated Schedule allows agencies to place task orders requiring the expertise of more than one service schedule and enables Redhorse to provide services in the areas of energy, information technology, environmental, and business solutions. Redhorse’s Consolidated Schedule provides agencies access to a full range of Special Item Numbers under the following four schedules:

  • Facilities Maintenance and Management Services (03FAC) – C03FAC
  • Information Technology Services (IT) – C070
  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) C874
  • Environmental Services (ES) C899

With a base period award through December 13, 2014 and three 5-year option periods, the schedule provides Redhorse a long-term contract vehicle to deliver a broad spectrum of services to meet our customers complex needs.