Dr. Gene Ray


Dr. Gene W. Ray currently serves as the Managing Director of GMT Ventures, based in La Jolla, California. GMT provides assistance and guidance to early-stage technology and defense companies. Dr. Ray, a founder of The Titan Corporation, served as Chief Executive Officer and as director of the corporation since the company’s inception in May 1981. Dr. Ray was President from May 1981 to May 2002 and was elected as Chairman of the Board in April 1999. Before he launched Titan, Dr. Ray spent 11 years as Executive Vice President, General Manager, and Director of Science Applications International Corporation, Inc. (SAIC).

Dr. Ray served for 2 years as Chief, Strategic Division, U.S. Air Force (AFGOAS). He held the position of Senior Appointee (Public Law 313) on the staff of the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, where he led a team of military and civilian analysts and scientists. Earlier in his career, Dr. Ray was with the Aerospace Corporation, where he contributed to weapon system analysis programs and specialized in the area of nuclear survivability. Dr. Ray received his Ph.D in theoretical physics at the University of Tennessee in 1965; an M.S. in physics at the University of Tennessee; and a B.S. in mathematics, physics, and chemistry at Murray State University in 1960.