Project Highlights

Army Materiel Command Resource Efficiency Management

Under contract to the US Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, Redhorse supports the Army Materiel Command (AMC) with Resource Efficiency Managers (REMs) providing energy and water conservation, resiliency, and readiness consultation at AMC HQ – Redstone and 19 AMC installations. Army Materiel Command develops and delivers materiel readiness solution to ensure globally dominant land force capabilities, and manages the global supply chain, synchronizing logistics and sustainment activies across the Army. Redhorse delivers comprehensive services to improve energy and water resiliency in support of mission operations; reduces energy and water costs, consumption and demand; build internal stakeholder capacity; and develops effective management strategies and programs.

Redhorse conducts energy auditing, establish baseline conditions and provide strategic energy/water road map planning, develop an array of projects utilizing emerging and renewable energy technologies, and support Army initiatives such as the 50001 Ready program. Redhorse has identified approximately $130M in cost savings. Redhorse assists AMC in the preparation of Installation Energy & Water Plans (IEWP) to address the Army’s resiliency mandate. This task includes collecting and analyzing baseline data such as Army Energy and Water Reporting System (AEWRS), Installation Status Report (ISR), real property records, project lists, generator lists and utility infrastructure maps to evaluate specific threats to utility systems, and propose solutions. In collaboration with AMC, Redhorse supports the development of a resiliency strategy which, in the event of a major utility outage, identifies water, energy and thermal projects allowing the installation to remain operational for a period of 14 days.