Project Highlights

GSA Region 8 High Performance Building Operations

U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Region 8, Public Buildings Service works to acquire and maintain federal properties nationwide, including acting as a green technologies proving ground and supporting sustainable design. Redhorse provides a full range of high-performance building services to support GSA Region 8 in the integration of sustainability practices and features in GSA buildings – a portfolio of over 10.9 million square feet of federally owned space and 9.1 million square feet of leased space in 100 owned and 522 leased facilities. Redhorse support includes strategic planning, data analysis, performance reporting, technology assessment, commissioning support, advanced metering support, energy dashboard development, and portfolio asset management using Maximo.

Redhorse works with Regional Sustainability teams, Service Centers, Building Managers, and O&M teams to streamline sustainability requirements, operationalize high-performance building best practices, and support the effective integration of facility management programs and initiatives across the Rocky Mountain Region. Redhorse provides a full range of energy, water, and sustainability services throughout the region, including Guiding Principles (GP) compliance. GP compliance requires Federal agencies to account for integrated design, assessment, and operation and management principles in building portfolios to optimize energy performance, protect and conserve water, enhance indoor environmental quality, and reduce environmental impact of materials. Redhorse has screened 90 regional buildings for certification, conducted preliminary assessments of those buildings, and completed GP certification of 35 buildings.

Redhorse successfully tackled this multi-faceted and multi-year program by creating an innovative and award-winning energy and water dashboard. This dashboard integrates multiple data streams into a cohesive graphical user interface that allows the building management community to quickly see energy changes over time.