Project Highlights

Developing the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) strategy and Vision for the Joint Common Foundation (JCF)

The Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is helping the DoD harness the power of artificial intelligence. The JAIC provides a critical mass of expertise to accelerate the delivery and adoption of AI, and to scale AI impact across the DoD. Redhorse has been involved in helping establish the JAIC from the ground up.

Redhorse advises the JAIC on developing DoD-scale data strategies in partnership with the Services, Joint Staff, CCMDs, other DoD components, and mission owners. Redhorse provides project management and engineering support in AI technology integration and insertion (e.g. computer systems design and computer programming), customer engagement and collaboration, and all other computer-related services to support the establishment of the JAIC. Redhorse also supports the Mission Initiatives with computer science subject matter experts. We collaborate with DoD, across government, and with industry, academia, and U.S. allies to strengthen partnerships and highlight critical needs that have operational significance and need the adoption of AI technologies.