Project Highlights

Building Advanced Intelligence Data Analytic Capabilities and Strategic Support for the Office Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSD(I&S)) and the Warfighter

Redhorse supports the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (USD(I&S)) and Warfighter Support Directorate in a variety of ways. Our teams of analysts, SMEs, and data scientists inform and support the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of the USD(I&S).

Redhorse analysts provide objective, data-driven evaluations of ISR capabilities for senior decision-makers across the Department of Defense. The ISR Studies and Analysis Support Redhorse provides blends quantitative and qualitative analysis to produce comprehensive findings. Our team’s recommendations inform budgetary and allocation decisions, support Congressionally directed actions, and help improve the employment of ISR capabilities by Warfighters across the world.

Redhorse provides ISR Operations and National Programs Subject Matter Experts to directly meet the enduring challenge of quickly and cost-effectively delivering and sustaining ISR and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to the Warfighter. Our team provides expertise in reviewing ISR capabilities, integrating ISR operations and communications, and addressing ISR deployed requirements to support Combatant Commands worldwide – while also applying AI and Machine Learning (ML) technology across the ISR enterprise. Additionally, we operate in the National Programs mission area, working directly with senior leaders on issues related to special programs under the purview of the USD(I&S).

In an effort to address long-standing data standardization and accuracy problems in the ISR Community, Redhorse conceived of and launched Project IDEA – ISR Data Enrichment and Aggregation. This pilot program expanded to an enterprise solution within three years. IDEA provides a global data service, in close collaboration with the USD(I&S) and stakeholders across Combatant Commands, Combat Support Agencies, Services, Joint Staff and the Intelligence Community. IDEA leverages advanced-database and web technology with sophisticated Python algorithms to aggregate, enrich, match, deconflict, and merge ISR requirement, sortie, collection, PED, and outcome data while serving it up via dynamic data visualizations and bulk data exports.

Redhorse supports the SPEA Directorate and engages on high-visibility efforts such as the Defense Intelligence Strategy and DIA Charter, and provides analytic expertise in assessing strategy, policy and intelligence requirements and priorities. Our efforts help drive implementation of the National Defense Strategy and expand intelligence integration across the Intelligence Community, US Government and with Allies/Partners.