Project Highlights

Networks Services Programs (NSP) Business Operations Support (BOS) for GSA FAS ITC

Redhorse supported GSA Network Services Programs including regional analysis and audit support, customer ordering and billing support, as well as customer solutions support specific to transformation and transition planning. We provided subject matter expertise, business process support, and organizational design support for the realignment of the Networks Services Program workforce. Specifically, we supported Telecom Directors meetings and organizational design to support the consolidation of operations to reduce duplication, increase consistency, develop consistent, standard procedures, eliminate duplication of function, better utilize staff, deepen technical expertise and track operations by function not geography.

Redhorse also supported the development of and coordinated NSP’s business support for its telecommunications offerings and programs; developing processes to enhance NSP-wide program response, risk management, continuity of operations, and other contingency planning and program infrastructure. Redhorse also led interviews, designed and documented a variety of processes, including Inventory Management, Supplier Engagement, Inter-Agency Agreement, and Transition Management.