Project Highlights

Network security, operations and cyber analytics in support of Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR)

The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) Headquarters (HQ) Office of the Command Information Officer (OCIO) supports naval, joint, coalition, and other national missions by providing the information technology resources and capabilities to NAVWAR that enable delivery of innovative technologies and operational concepts to the warfighter. Redhorse provides cyber and IT services for the NAVWAR HQ OCIO ranging from complex, technology management initiatives to support for general administrative tasks in business information technology environments.

Redhorse provides support to network security architectures, designs, implementations, and operations within NAVWAR systems, networks, and applications. In addition, Redhorse reviews laws, policies and governance directives in order to develop and update functional processes and procedures to drive organizational behavior enhancing system security, promoting affordability, and improving speed to delivery. Redhorse provides direct A&A/System Security Authorization support, oversees governance throughout the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process, and creates and conducts threat assessment and vulnerability modeling to fleet systems.

Redhorse developed NAVIFOR Cybersecurity Readiness Dashboards to ingest and present enterprise metrics about security monitoring and analysis. In the Readiness Analytics and Visualization Environment or “RAVEN” program, we worked to bring disparate, stove piped data sources into one data environment that can be queried by NAVWAR leadership to ensure a real-time readiness snapshot of NAVWAR Programs of Record. The application provides a consolidated, comprehensive view provides Fleet-Wide Readiness Situational Awareness.