Redhorse Awarded $45M Blanket Purchase Agreement for REM Services to the US Army Engineering and Support Center

Redhorse has been awarded a $45M Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide Resource Efficiency Management (REM) services for the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville (CEHNC). Under this contract, Redhorse will provide energy engineering and data analytics in support of DoD through improved readiness and energy security, resilient energy and water infrastructure, reduction of carbon emissions to combat climate change and support national security, and dramatic cost savings to support tighter mission operations.

Redhorse has provided REM services for over a decade across DoD at 47 installations worldwide and have identified over $500M in resiliency, efficiency, and renewable energy projects using ESPC, UESC, ERCIP, ESTCP, PPA, EUL, and other funding. We perform data analytics and modeling using metering, utility, fuels, sensor, building automation, and all other data at our disposal to analyze energy consumption and demand, identify trends and anomalies, forecast weather and utility rate fluctuation, execute life-cycle cost analysis, and perform return on investment calculations. With proven expertise in microgrids, battery storage, renewable and other non-Carbon energy generation, proven energy technologies as well as innovative technology demonstration, Redhorse is prepared to provide readiness and resilience solutions for CEHNC and its customers globally.