Redhorse Corporation’s Leading-edge AI Support Increasingly Relevant

Redhorse Corporation is transforming the way government interacts with data and technology – and recent confirmation hearings in Washington, D.C. have shown our leading-edge AI support will be increasingly relevant for national security within the incoming administration’s priorities.

Defense Secretary Austin discussed the importance of artificial intelligence in the national security and defense realm during his January 19 confirmation hearing. “We must invest in the capabilities that will make us relevant – not in the last fight – but in the future fight… We will have to employ AI.” Redhorse has supported DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) since day one providing organizational strategy, cloud infrastructure engineering, machine learning infrastructure and technologies, and DEVSECOPS platform evaluation.

Redhorse was further awarded a $100M 5-year BPA in October 2020 to help the JAIC accelerate its adoption of artificial intelligence, a priority that continues to resonate with DoD leaders. “Speed matters,” Secretary Austin said while referencing the 2018 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy. The 2018 strategy outlines the need for the United States to “defend forward” – actively counter state actors with a strategy that preempts, counters, deters, and wins – with a focus on employing cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Redhorse has worked with government partners to consistently provide solutions to government AI and cyber issues, and continues to prioritize the growth of our cybersecurity capability. We are excited to continue working with government to speed up our nation’s adoption of technology, cybersecurity, in support of national security goals.