Project Highlights

Telecommunications cost recovery and reconciliation support for GSA Network Services Programs (NSP)

GSA’s Network Services Programs (NSP) offered telecommunications products and services to the Federal Government through a broad portfolio of national and regional contracts, the largest of which was FTS2001 and its successor, Networx. In support of this office, Redhorse managed more than 4TB of programmatic and transactional data across NSP operational systems, from desktop tools to IT systems, NSP websites, and Salesforce. Redhorse analysts used their in-depth experience and knowledge of these datasets as they inventoried existing GSA NSP databases and information management systems, and performed gap analysis to determine if these systems satisfied the related goals and objective.

While performing the gap analysis, staff maintained and updated the existing systems, operational manuals, user guides and other documentation. Redhorse team members provided recommendations on architectures, additional data systems or integration efforts that should be explored to improve operations.